“It’s Just a Pen”

Imagine you are James, a busy executive doing the job of three people. You receive a pen engraved from a direct mail promotion with your business name. No logo, just three lines of type. You remember you’ve been meaning to use pens to promote your business and build your brand.

Without quality consideration, you order the pens that “look nicer than what you paid.” You give them to clients and key prospects with pride. The next week, your largest prospect, Angie is making a presentation and reached for a pen- yes, your pen, and it doesn’t write. Angie is noticeably embarrassed, she shakes the pen, draws squiggly lines frantically in a circle, and the pen explodes showering ink all over her suit.

How are you feeling about now?

This story illustrates what happens when you dip below a certain quality threshold. The pen potentially destroys, instead of builds your brand. Avoiding these types of situations is where a strategic partner comes in. We help you plan your budget, share value-added options, reinforce your brand image and focus on Getting Results.

Remember, how that pen performs is a direct reflection of the copy printed on the pen – that’s your company brand!


Pens make sense as a brand builder. Generally economical, efficient in maintaining a brand in the marketplace, they remain one of the top promotional items.  We recommend the best quality for every price point – but if someone insists on low quality for the price, we’ll refer them elsewhere.