Great Promotional Idea by Terry Wynter Auto Service Center

Terry Wynter Auto Service Center’s recent promotion combines helpful auto safety tips with a free ID key tag.  This is a great marketing strategy designed to  get maxiumum results from a branded promotional product.

Look to Promotional Incentives, Inc for more ideas promoting your brand through functional giveaways. And here are the helpful tips from Terry Wynter Auto:

“You may be familiar with that frustrating feeling of losing your car keys. It’s not only expensive to replace your car keys, but an inconvenience.”

Here are 5 tips on preventing your car and keys from being lost or stolen:

  • Make a habit of always placing your keys in the same place. Try placing your keys in your purse, pocket or on a key rack when you get out of your car. This way you will always know where to find them.
  • Never leave your spare keys by the front door or in an obvious location, as this might encourage thieves.
  • Always have a spare key for your vehicle. Some dealerships charge $200 or more to replace a key for a newer vehicle.Fort Myers Auto Company
  • Never leave your car running, unless you are in the driver’s seat. This is not only an easy way to lock yourself out of your car, but also an easy way for someone to steal your vehicle.
  • It’s also not safe to have your name and address on a key chain attached to your home keys, as this makes it too easy for a burglar to locate and enter your home.

Terry Wynter Auto is offering a FREE and safe way to protect your keys!

The Terry Wynter Auto Service Center key tag will feature a specific customer ID number and our service center address and phone number. When keys are turned into Terry Wynter Auto Service Center, we will contact you to pick up the keys.


NAWIC 20th Annual Block Kids Program a Big Hit!

A Great Cause for Our Community

On Friday February 4th, NAWIC (The National Association of Women in Construction), SWFL Chapter, hosted their 20th Annual Block Kids Program, at Bonita Springs Elementary School for the second and third grade students.

NAWIC Block Kids Program

Our Block Kids program is designed as an educational tool, to promote the construction industry by allowing the students from grades 1-6 to “build construction projects” with plastic building blocks as their “construction materials”.  The program was created in 1990. Since launching the program, more than 300,000 children have participated.

Each child is presented a hardhat, commemorative T-shirt, and blueprint.  Along with 100 plastic building blocks, a string, aluminum foil and a rock they create masterpieces. Southwest Florida businesses pledge sponsorships and provide judges for the students’ work. Awards and Trophies are given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each grade category. This year’s 2011 Overall 1st Place winner is third grader, “Germain” who completed a Demolition Crane (along with rebuilding materials). His entry will be submitted in a regional competition against other Florida entries.

It was our pleasure at Promotional Incentives, Inc. to provide the Commemorative T-shirts for this event over the past 5 years.

National Testimonials

“It was awesome to see 200 students at one time
so intent on building their unique projects”
Darlynn D., PTA Secretary
Kenneth Murphy Elementary School
Beach Park, IL

“Our community members are still talking
about our successful Block Kids event. It was
especially memorable for my neighbor, who
won the event. He is now sure that he wants to
be a construction engineer”
Glenn Hillegas, Principal
Stanley E. Foster
Construction Tech Academy
San Diego, CA

NAWIC Block Kids Program

3rd Grade Winners with their Teacher and Principal