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Mega Partnering and Cape Coral-based Top One Coaching Coaching, Mentoring & Consulting

Gumby at Mega Partnering Conference V

Mega Partnering is held in high regard for attracting industry leaders, celebrities, and millionaires together providing riveting talks and rare opportunities for partnership ideas from some of the world’s best entrepreneurs. Top ONE help overworked entrepreneurs reclaim their business armed with tools, resources, and personal guidance to take control of their time, income, and freedom.

At the Mega Partnering Conference V held this year in Dallas, Top One once again brought in big names to inspire thousands of aspiring students to achieve their greatest success. Top One students hail from a diversity of nations, including Dubai, Australia and the U.K.

To help Top One stand out at the conference (a tough feat with a celebrity-studded event), Marlene Smith, was in search of promotional ‘swag’. With the date looming near in the future, Smith reached out to friends on Facebook, one of whom recommended Promotional Incentives.

According to sales director Marlene Smith, “I knew it was quite the feat, and I needed someone I could count on. I remembered meeting Lucy (Costa) at a networking function in Cape Coral, and when my friend Darlene Grossman recommended her, I felt confident in their ability to come through. “

The Promotional Incentives team went into action and designed the promotions to coordinate with the black and yellow color theme of the Top One logo. The task was particularly challenging as there were less than two weeks to complete the orders for the conference. Conference attendees received luggage tags, insulated drinkware, and refillable hand sanitizers; all useful gifts for busy executives.

According to Marlene, not only were they useful at the conference, “these products will continue to brand Top One long after the conference is over.”

All goals were achieved. The products were delivered in time, within budget, with no rush charges, and Top One posted a strong marketing presence; a perfect example of what is meant by, “Getting Results.”