In the Spirit of Thanksgiving

What do you care about sketchIt started with a cocktail napkin; the proverbial locale for the million dollar idea.

As the Southwest Florida Community Foundation prepared for its “Evening of Gratitude” and annual appeal, staff and board members strategized on how best to communicate the impact contributors have on the SWF community. According to Development Director Carolyn Rogers, one board member boiled it down perfectly suggesting that whatever the message was, it should be able to fit on a cocktail napkin.

With that concept, the talented team designed the event logo (shown left) to look like a hand-written diagram on a cocktail napkin, highlighting five causes: Arts, Animals, Education, People/Social, and the Environment with the web site for the annual report. Not only was this the theme, but cocktail napkins were available and attendees were asked to take one and view the Foundation’s annual report on line at their leisure.

This Trifecta of evenings provided donors with a new approach to an annual event that was inviting, personal, and truly inspirational. With live performances at cultural venues by local singing sensation Zak Dobbins and pianist Yasuhiko “Yaz” Fukuoka, Gratitude Nuit  delivered on all levels.

Throughout the evening, attendees were given a voice for the causes that matter most to them, as CEO Sarah Owen shared inspirational stories accompanied by the music of Zak and Yaz, while gently conveying the results of the Foundation’s community outreach. It was truly inspiring.

As a frequent attendee of fundraisers, I found this approach refreshing and appealing.  The SWF Community Foundation is creating opportunities for donors to leave a legacy and have impact. Check out the amazing website. It’s colorful, informative, and uplifting, and will leave you feeling positive about the good being done in our community.

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