Promotional Pen Gets Results

Pens and writing instruments continue to be among the top selling promotional products. With good reason…who can’t use another pen; especially one that is hand friendly and writes well?

During a presentation recently I polled the audience, “Do you think we have enough pens in the world, and could we stop production for a while and still have enough to last for years?”

ImageNearly everyone was in agreement that pens were still popular especially one that writes well and feels good in your hand. With thousands of options, how does a company decide which one works best?

When I met web designer and social media guru, Sandi Eveleth, she was looking for a pen to promote her company, Kiss Your Web. After looking at a few options, she was swift and with confident in her selection: a substantial metal pen with an impressive gold finish. The only remaining question: how do we make this promotion stick?

While the imprint method of laser engraving is ideal for longevity, it does have the limitation of a small imprint area. With a streak of brilliance, Sandi said “Let’s create a specific domain name that offers a free gift for visiting the website, and we’ll print that on the pen.”

Sandi created an informative web page that shows viewers how to improve their website and bring more business into their company.  “Everyone gets the free gift and a downloadable PDF with helpful info,” said the web doctor.

Next move is promoting through social media and track the results. If you’re interested in a chance to win the prize and get some helpful website tips, go to!


My First Name Badge

My First Name Badge

My First Name Badge

I came across this name badge in a memorabilia box over the weekend. It gave me pause to reflect on my early start at the importance of recognition products. I earned this badge while attending the University of Vermont where I was enrolled in the sports therapy department in a work-study program.

After floundering in pre-med science courses, I found comfort in the athletic training program which relied more on practical knowledge and simple science, not organic chemistry and advanced anatomy.

The work-study program was ideal for me. I was able to be in the gym for hours, which was where I spent a lot of time with sports practices and games anyway.  The building was practically adjacent to my dorm the first year and close to off-campus housing the second year.

Afternoons were spent with college athletes and learning how to tend to their injuries and help with self-maintenance.  In addition to earning credits toward my degree, which at best was nebulous and ill-defined, I was paid for the hours spent in the training room and loved the social aspect of the “job”.

Twenty seven years later, I still believe in the importance of recognition products, namely ID badges.

Professionally produced name badges are a critical component of promoting your brand to the public. For a nominal investment, you receive a great return with a finished, professional look wherever you or your staff are seen.

Florida Home Realty BadgePeople will notice a nicely done badge, and if properly laid out, will easily be able to read your name and company.  As opposed to squinting to try and read your hand written name in Sharpie scrawl on a badge that doesn’t adhere well to clothing…hardly impressive.

In the case of my college badge I reflected on the choice of my PT manager to go with an abbreviated last name and wonder what drove him to that decision.  Was it because:  a) It rhymed (Lu – cee Gee in Sports Ther – a – pee), or b) For protection of my last name as a college student, or c) At my request because my maiden name (Gobbi) was forever being mispronounced.

Trust me, when someone asks you to “Order name badges for everyone in the office”, it pays to work with a professional who will streamline the process.  All of a sudden you’ll find yourself dizzy with the details overlooked (metal or plastic, magnetic or clip, black or white, 3-1/2 x 2 or 3 x 1, and so on).

Janet Sheehan Name Badge

Promotional Incentives, Inc. provides a user-friendly name badge program that reinforces the quality of your brand while conveying a positive image for and about your employees. With our Badge Warehouse program, pre-printed badges are held in inventory for release as few as one at a time for the next several years.

The next time you have to fill out one of those adhesive name badges at an event, give us a call and we’ll make you look good the next time. Enjoy this vintage Hollywood clip showing an example of the importance of having badges.

“It’s Just a Pen”

Imagine you are James, a busy executive doing the job of three people. You receive a pen engraved from a direct mail promotion with your business name. No logo, just three lines of type. You remember you’ve been meaning to use pens to promote your business and build your brand.

Without quality consideration, you order the pens that “look nicer than what you paid.” You give them to clients and key prospects with pride. The next week, your largest prospect, Angie is making a presentation and reached for a pen- yes, your pen, and it doesn’t write. Angie is noticeably embarrassed, she shakes the pen, draws squiggly lines frantically in a circle, and the pen explodes showering ink all over her suit.

How are you feeling about now?

This story illustrates what happens when you dip below a certain quality threshold. The pen potentially destroys, instead of builds your brand. Avoiding these types of situations is where a strategic partner comes in. We help you plan your budget, share value-added options, reinforce your brand image and focus on Getting Results.

Remember, how that pen performs is a direct reflection of the copy printed on the pen – that’s your company brand!


Pens make sense as a brand builder. Generally economical, efficient in maintaining a brand in the marketplace, they remain one of the top promotional items.  We recommend the best quality for every price point – but if someone insists on low quality for the price, we’ll refer them elsewhere.