What do Steve Wozniacki and Eric Trump have in common?

Mega Partnering and Cape Coral-based Top One Coaching Coaching, Mentoring & Consulting

Gumby at Mega Partnering Conference V

Mega Partnering is held in high regard for attracting industry leaders, celebrities, and millionaires together providing riveting talks and rare opportunities for partnership ideas from some of the world’s best entrepreneurs. Top ONE help overworked entrepreneurs reclaim their business armed with tools, resources, and personal guidance to take control of their time, income, and freedom.

At the Mega Partnering Conference V held this year in Dallas, Top One once again brought in big names to inspire thousands of aspiring students to achieve their greatest success. Top One students hail from a diversity of nations, including Dubai, Australia and the U.K.

To help Top One stand out at the conference (a tough feat with a celebrity-studded event), Marlene Smith, was in search of promotional ‘swag’. With the date looming near in the future, Smith reached out to friends on Facebook, one of whom recommended Promotional Incentives.

According to sales director Marlene Smith, “I knew it was quite the feat, and I needed someone I could count on. I remembered meeting Lucy (Costa) at a networking function in Cape Coral, and when my friend Darlene Grossman recommended her, I felt confident in their ability to come through. “

The Promotional Incentives team went into action and designed the promotions to coordinate with the black and yellow color theme of the Top One logo. The task was particularly challenging as there were less than two weeks to complete the orders for the conference. Conference attendees received luggage tags, insulated drinkware, and refillable hand sanitizers; all useful gifts for busy executives.

According to Marlene, not only were they useful at the conference, “these products will continue to brand Top One long after the conference is over.”

All goals were achieved. The products were delivered in time, within budget, with no rush charges, and Top One posted a strong marketing presence; a perfect example of what is meant by, “Getting Results.”


Climbing to New Heights

The Chamber of Southwest Florida

The 2010 Class of the Chamber of Southwest Florida’s Leadership Lee County program led the way to kick off the final phase of fundraising for The Heights Foundation in its mission to restart construction on the Harlem Heights Cultural Arts & Community Center.

The group raised $37,000 in donations from the Community UP Rising event held on June 1 at the Heights Center. To add a little fun and color to the ground breaking, Promotional Incentives provided Heights Foundation with bright orange construction hats (orange is one of the predominant colors in the Heights Foundation logo); a low cost, highly visible promotional item worn by dignitaries, board members, sponsors and the general public to share the excitement of this incredible endeavor for the southwest Florida community.

Heights Foundation Board Member Carolyn Gora

HF Advisory Committee Carolyn Gora

Craig Scott and Victor Mayeron

Craig Scott and Victor Mayeron, President of HF Board of Directors

The Center will provide with enhanced access to the arts and improved education, training and enrichment programs for the residents of Harlem Heights and surrounding neighborhoods of Harlem Heights. With nearly $450,000 of the $6.5 million capital campaign goal remaining to be raised, members of Leadership Lee County are still asking the community to support the building the project.

Breaking Ground for Fort Myers Company, LeeSar

Groundbreaking Ceremony using Groundbreaking Promotional Item in Fort Myers, FL

Groundbreakings used to be considered ho-hum news, but in this day of stunted economic growth, breaking ground on a new structure is major news.

One of Fort Myers’ hometown heroic companies, LeeSar, broke ground on their new Regional Service Center facility on Friday, April 22. Priority Marketing coordinated the event planning, execution, and publicity. It was of course no coincidence the event occurred on Earth Day, as they dug into the earth.

To commemorate this important event, LeeSar and Priority Marketing presented a memorable gift to the leaders who are making this vision a reality. Thirty VIPs were presented with their own chrome-plated shovel engraved with the LeeSar logo and event date.

Promotional Incentives Groundbreaking Shovels | Promotional Items

To LeeSar president, Bob Simpson, it was more about his employees than the dirt. Simpson also raved about the professionalism and outstanding service provided by Teri Hansen and her team at Priority Marketing. “You did an outstanding job,” Simpson said several times throughout the day.

Priority Marketing has a twenty-year track record of event management, ranging from private parties to major events with celebrities and thousands in attendance.

“That was one of the BEST events I have ever attended,” stated Fort Myers Police Chief Doug Baker.

More than two hundred and fifty people attended the tented event.

LeeSar is fast becoming one of the leading employers in Lee County, and was recently cited as being one of the most innovative companies in Florida.

Great Promotional Idea by Terry Wynter Auto Service Center

Terry Wynter Auto Service Center’s recent promotion combines helpful auto safety tips with a free ID key tag.  This is a great marketing strategy designed to  get maxiumum results from a branded promotional product.

Look to Promotional Incentives, Inc for more ideas promoting your brand through functional giveaways. And here are the helpful tips from Terry Wynter Auto:

“You may be familiar with that frustrating feeling of losing your car keys. It’s not only expensive to replace your car keys, but an inconvenience.”

Here are 5 tips on preventing your car and keys from being lost or stolen:

  • Make a habit of always placing your keys in the same place. Try placing your keys in your purse, pocket or on a key rack when you get out of your car. This way you will always know where to find them.
  • Never leave your spare keys by the front door or in an obvious location, as this might encourage thieves.
  • Always have a spare key for your vehicle. Some dealerships charge $200 or more to replace a key for a newer vehicle.Fort Myers Auto Company
  • Never leave your car running, unless you are in the driver’s seat. This is not only an easy way to lock yourself out of your car, but also an easy way for someone to steal your vehicle.
  • It’s also not safe to have your name and address on a key chain attached to your home keys, as this makes it too easy for a burglar to locate and enter your home.

Terry Wynter Auto is offering a FREE and safe way to protect your keys!

The Terry Wynter Auto Service Center key tag will feature a specific customer ID number and our service center address and phone number. When keys are turned into Terry Wynter Auto Service Center, we will contact you to pick up the keys.

NAWIC 20th Annual Block Kids Program a Big Hit!

A Great Cause for Our Community

On Friday February 4th, NAWIC (The National Association of Women in Construction), SWFL Chapter, hosted their 20th Annual Block Kids Program, at Bonita Springs Elementary School for the second and third grade students.

NAWIC Block Kids Program

Our Block Kids program is designed as an educational tool, to promote the construction industry by allowing the students from grades 1-6 to “build construction projects” with plastic building blocks as their “construction materials”.  The program was created in 1990. Since launching the program, more than 300,000 children have participated.

Each child is presented a hardhat, commemorative T-shirt, and blueprint.  Along with 100 plastic building blocks, a string, aluminum foil and a rock they create masterpieces. Southwest Florida businesses pledge sponsorships and provide judges for the students’ work. Awards and Trophies are given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each grade category. This year’s 2011 Overall 1st Place winner is third grader, “Germain” who completed a Demolition Crane (along with rebuilding materials). His entry will be submitted in a regional competition against other Florida entries.

It was our pleasure at Promotional Incentives, Inc. to provide the Commemorative T-shirts for this event over the past 5 years.

National Testimonials

“It was awesome to see 200 students at one time
so intent on building their unique projects”
Darlynn D., PTA Secretary
Kenneth Murphy Elementary School
Beach Park, IL

“Our community members are still talking
about our successful Block Kids event. It was
especially memorable for my neighbor, who
won the event. He is now sure that he wants to
be a construction engineer”
Glenn Hillegas, Principal
Stanley E. Foster
Construction Tech Academy
San Diego, CA

NAWIC Block Kids Program

3rd Grade Winners with their Teacher and Principal

“It’s Just a Pen”

Imagine you are James, a busy executive doing the job of three people. You receive a pen engraved from a direct mail promotion with your business name. No logo, just three lines of type. You remember you’ve been meaning to use pens to promote your business and build your brand.

Without quality consideration, you order the pens that “look nicer than what you paid.” You give them to clients and key prospects with pride. The next week, your largest prospect, Angie is making a presentation and reached for a pen- yes, your pen, and it doesn’t write. Angie is noticeably embarrassed, she shakes the pen, draws squiggly lines frantically in a circle, and the pen explodes showering ink all over her suit.

How are you feeling about now?

This story illustrates what happens when you dip below a certain quality threshold. The pen potentially destroys, instead of builds your brand. Avoiding these types of situations is where a strategic partner comes in. We help you plan your budget, share value-added options, reinforce your brand image and focus on Getting Results.

Remember, how that pen performs is a direct reflection of the copy printed on the pen – that’s your company brand!


Pens make sense as a brand builder. Generally economical, efficient in maintaining a brand in the marketplace, they remain one of the top promotional items.  We recommend the best quality for every price point – but if someone insists on low quality for the price, we’ll refer them elsewhere.



Distracted Parking!

Jay Anderson knows a thing or two about the importance of persistence and promotion. As Executive Director of STAY ALIVE…JUST DRIVE! Jay has been pounding the pavement, airwaves, billboards and classrooms to send an important message of safety to the public.

Stay Alive Just Drive Campaign GraphicHe is passionate about his cause and continually thinking of new strategies to get people’s attention on the important issue of distracted driving. Although focus tends to be on cell phone use, the primary culprit is texting while driving. There are numerous other distractions (eating, changing CDs, putting on makeup or shaving) that interfere with a driver’s ability to concentrate on…you got it, driving.

To help his message have staying power, Jay relies on Promotional Incentives for appropriate giveaways such as the very popular carabiner key rings to remind people, when they grab their keys, to be safe. Bumper stickers on cars including law enforcement and emergency vehicles give increased visibility and an important moving reminder, to be alert whenever you get behind the wheel of a car.

Promotional Incentive Stay Alive KeytagI consider myself an ambassador of this campaign, pleased to be able to promote the cause and increase donations. Yet even as strong an advocate as I consider myself to be, it’s a struggle for me to be disciplined enough to break the habit of talking while driving.

I’m okay about not eating or changing CD’s (though I will do that at a stop light), and I have no children to yell at in the back seat, but since my first car phone was installed in 1989, I have to admit to talking for many miles.

In an effort to decrease distractions, we have to be willing to view it as a work in progress. It’s unlikely that many of us will stop cold turkey, even after having seen the horrific scenes in the educational videos. That is an unfortunate side to human nature. So we have to be willing to chip away at it.

This week, I was humbled when parking for a meeting at the chamber of commerce and instead of scrounging for a few quarters in my car, I decided to park in one of the designated chamber spots. Not wanting to take up one of the two directly in front of the building, I opted to go around the corner and park in one of the two (or so I thought) spots. I even pulled up to the “front” one in case someone else might want to park.

For the sake of full disclosure, I have to admit the sign said ‘30 minute CoC parking’, but since it was early andPromotional Incentives Fire Hydrant there were many spots available, it seemed like it would be okay. Wrong. When I returned to my car 90 minutes later, there was a green ticket on my windshield with a $50 fine (or more if not paid in three days).

Incensed because I assumed the ticket was for being parked longer than thirty minutes, I went into the chamber office where the Exec Director Marietta Mudgett promptly called on my behalf to see if it could be minimized. When she read the violation code to Don at the CRA he asked, “Did she park against a yellow curb?”  So Marietta opened her window blinds as we both saw my car parked next to a fire hydrant and a yellow curb. “Sorry, due to state law there is nothing I can do about that, ” he explained.

What a way to start the day, but truthfully I was mad at myself for not paying more attention, and here’s where I have to eat crow, I was on the phone while parking. When I told Jay this story we both enjoyed a hearty laugh while realizing that this was in fact, an example of distracted parking.