Promotional Pen Gets Results

Pens and writing instruments continue to be among the top selling promotional products. With good reason…who can’t use another pen; especially one that is hand friendly and writes well?

During a presentation recently I polled the audience, “Do you think we have enough pens in the world, and could we stop production for a while and still have enough to last for years?”

ImageNearly everyone was in agreement that pens were still popular especially one that writes well and feels good in your hand. With thousands of options, how does a company decide which one works best?

When I met web designer and social media guru, Sandi Eveleth, she was looking for a pen to promote her company, Kiss Your Web. After looking at a few options, she was swift and with confident in her selection: a substantial metal pen with an impressive gold finish. The only remaining question: how do we make this promotion stick?

While the imprint method of laser engraving is ideal for longevity, it does have the limitation of a small imprint area. With a streak of brilliance, Sandi said “Let’s create a specific domain name that offers a free gift for visiting the website, and we’ll print that on the pen.”

Sandi created an informative web page that shows viewers how to improve their website and bring more business into their company.  “Everyone gets the free gift and a downloadable PDF with helpful info,” said the web doctor.

Next move is promoting through social media and track the results. If you’re interested in a chance to win the prize and get some helpful website tips, go to!


Tip #2 on helping your local economy

2.  It’s a given that we can’t resist shopping on the internet. If you find something you want to buy and are not in an immediate hurry to have it, take the internet price to a locally owned company and give them the opportunity to meet or match the price.  Even if it’s a little more, it might be worth it – you’ll make someone’s day in your community, or at least make them feel a little better.

As a provider of promotional products of which there are thousands of purveyors, it is most rewarding when a customer emails me a product found on-line and gives us the opportunity to compete. In most cases, not only do we match the price, but we offer added value, a lower price or an even better idea.

We cannot stop the hunt, but we can help ensure the best prize.