Why We’re Different

We were fortunate to facilitate another outstanding recognition program of the Lee Building Industry Association (BIA). in southwest Florida. The Summit Awards, presented recently at the Hyatt Regency in Estero, Florida, were created four years ago to exclusively recognize remodeling and commercial building members of the Lee County Florida Building Industry Association

While I watched the top builders, designers, architects, marketers being recognized in front of 180 of their peers, local and state dignitaries, it dawned on me that this awards program is a perfect example of how Promotional Incentives differs. Will you join me for a quick review with The Summit Awards as an example?

Our goal with every awards program is to ensure that the recipients have a special evening, the organization is represented in a positive light, and the winner goes home with something that can be proudly displayed in their home or office. 

For the fourth year in a row, based on the organization’s budget and parameters, we recommended several  quality awards to BIA V.P. JoAnn Orr, and Event Chairperson and Mark Stevens of Stevens Construction, Inc. Commercial Contractors Chairman and BIA Board Member. 

Two ‘finalists’ were selected and we ordered samples to confirm which was preferred. The award selected was a triangular shaped, beveled edge cut crystal, which epitomized the “Summit” name.  As soon as the judges had chosen the winners, the quantity was confirmed, and then a series of proofreading sessions took place to ensure accuracy with each personalization. After working that hard, no one wants a typo.

To guarantee delivery of the awards in time, we shipped by Fed Ex 2-Day and shared our discounted shipping rates to help the bottom line. Summit09

The day of the event we opened each award and displayed them on the table in the order they were to be presented. For the finishing touch, we even hand polished each piece of crystal to maximize the prism effect.  (We’ve even been known to assist on stage with handing out the awards during the ceremony).  After the photo sessions, we helped each of the winners put their crystal in an elegant gift box for safety. 

The event was a great success and the awards were a hit.  Most rewarding were the joy on the winners’ faces, the atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm amidst a rough economy. 

Two comments I loved:  The first from one of the servers who after walking by the awards table several times said, “These are beautiful. They look like Emmy Awards!” They didn’t really but it was the thought that counted. 

Another came from an architect who said to another award winner who was holding several of the crystal awards, with an award-winning grin on his face, “Now that’s a new definition of Bling.” 

This is the thorough manner in which Promotional Incentives assists quality awards programs.  We believe in the power of recognition to motivate and serve as an incentive for peak performance.  Establish your own “Emmy” or “Oscar”.  Visit PromotionalIncentives.com or call for free consultation.


8 Responses

  1. And that’s why the Southwest Florida Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association ALWAYS comes to you for awards!

    • Thank you for your endorsement. As a 20 year member of FPRA, I keep coming back for more! Glad that you feel we do a good job.

  2. Hey, nice blog! Proud of you!

    • Thanks CR – it’s a work in progress. Every day I come up with another idea to make it better…but where is the time to make it happen?!

  3. You deserve this and more! It is always a joy to work with you on projects, thank you for your part in making our agency look good!

    • Thank you for your kind comments. Get Groovy is a great partner for Promotional Incentives, and we look forward to Getting Results with you again soon!

  4. Lucy & Jack
    You always go the extra mile–it’s great to see it with yet another repeat client! Making heros of clients is your full time passion…

    • Thank you Betsy – love how you summed up our purpose and passion! Now if only I could have a little of your energy and enthusiasm?!

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